Total Annihilation

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Total Annihilation

Genre: Strategy

Total Annihilation’s technological and graphic advancements, including true 3D terrain and real-time 3D rendered units and buildings, make it the most challenging and visually stunning real-time combat game around.

Large, diverse maps transport players across radically different landscapes of ice, lava, forest and more. Mega-maps as large as 128Mb, thousands of screens wide, promise hours — even days — of battle.

With true 3D weapon trajectories, holding “high ground” isn’t just a saying, it’s survival. Players can lob artillery shells over hillsides, while long-range “Big Bertha” cannons bombard the enemy from halfway across the world.

The true 3D environment allows players to drive heavily armed tanks up mountains, into valleys and even underwater. Each Total Annihilation unit is constructed of hundreds of individually articulating parts. Cannons recoil and vehicles shake after each hit. Aircraft wings fold and unfold on takeoff and landing. With each vehicle fully rendered in 3D in a real-time environment, fighter aircraft can barrel-roll through turns, while belly cannon rotate to track targets.

The battle grinds on the ground, lofts through the stratosphere, and even takes to water. Dozens on naval units — submarines, battleships and destroyers — give Total Annihilation a whole new edge. Entire campaigns can take to the seas, as amphibious tanks actually drive beneath the waves and aircraft deploy directly from carriers to attack enemies bases across the oceans.

Total Annihilation brings new scope, depth and meaning to real-time war gaming. Try to survive.

Game Features :
* Fully articulated 3D units and buildings, with a full complement of land, sea and air units. A unique tracking feature allows players to follow units across the landscape.
* True 3D terrain that units can climb over, into and around, on extra-large 3D-generated maps. Runs in high resolutions, so players can see more of the battle field.
* Battles break out on terrain such as grasslands, forests, snowscapes, deserts, open water, barren landscapes, lava, metal and ice worlds — and many more.
* More than 150 units and 25 missions per side in a single-player campaign.
* Single-player skirmish battles and full multiplayer support, allowing players to watch and join battles, and form allied teams to share resources, information and units.
* New units and maps available for download.
* Complex water units, such as aircraft carriers, floating factories and amphibious tanks, as well as air and sea transports that can move virtually any unit.
* Highly advanced weaponry includes starburst missiles, plasma shells, lightning pulses and paralyzers

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OS: Windows 2000/XP/Vista
Pentium 133 MHz and 24 MB RAM

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