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Genre : Action (RPG / Role-Playing) / Adventure / 3D / 1st Person

In a small town located in the bowels of the ancient steppe rampaging epidemic. People are terrified, they are dying one after another. Inexplicable plague spares no one, it’s easy to define, but can not be cured. The disease is contagious …
To combat the epidemic, the authorities sent the city one of three characters (Bachelor of Medical Sciences, sledovatelnitsa-inquisitor or military commander), whose choice is yours. Each character pursues his goal: a doctor is looking for a medicine against this dreadful disease, sledovatelnitse ordered to determine the cause of plague, the military commissar will decide whether the total destruction of the infected town. However, the purpose of their missions is reduced to one – to survive in a dying town, do not succumb to the general madness and try to save at least a few of those with whom they will bring a blind fate.

- An unusual combination of elements of three-dimensional action games, first-person role-playing and quests
- A revolutionary approach to the gameplay – it has never been so diverse and multifaceted
- Unlimited possibilities for re-transmission, provided real-time, non-linear plot, the random distribution of epicenters of infection
- Clinging to the soul of the plot and carefully crafted inner world of characters defines a line of action and options for passing game
- Beautiful and brutal, like life itself, the game will be a fascinating puzzle for those who are accustomed to rely on one’s own mind, a shock for those who prefer emotional intelligence and a terrible ordeal for people who rely on force and malice

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Windows 98/2000/XP Pentium III 800 MHz (Pentium 4 1.4 GHz recommended)12 Gb HDD space (15 Gb recommended)384 Mb RAM (512 Mb RAM recommended)Geforce2 (Geforce3 or higher recommended)Direct Sound compatible sound card 8x CD-ROM mouse keyboard

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