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Gorky 17

Genre: Strategy
Gorky 17 (released as Odium in North America) is a turn-based tactics computer game developed by Metropolis Software and published by Monolith Productions for Windows in 1999.

In the near future, a secret military compound in Russia is bombed into smoking ruins. A team of NATO commandos is sent to investigate. It disappears. You are Cole Sullivan, leader of a team sent to find out what happened to both the first team and the facility. Actually, you play the role of Cole Sullivan and his two subordinates. You soon discover that the destroyed base is filled with angry mutants. Not surprisingly, that discovery is followed by the realization that you must fight the mutants to complete your investigation.

The game is composed mainly of two playing modes. First – the “adventure” mode, where you walk freely around the city, pick up items and use them in various places, and sometimes see cutscenes – conversations between characters.
When you encounter the mutants, the gameplay switches to a turn-based strategy, a little similar to games such as X-Com: each turn, first all your men may move and act (attack, push items), and then all the mutants move and attack. During combat, your characters gain experience, and eventually gain levels (in mid-combat) and can improve their statistics, such as accuracy, luck etc.

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Windows XP, Windows Vista , Seven 32 & 64 bit
Ram : 256 Mb
CPU : 1.4
VGA : 128

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