FIFA 2005

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FIFA 2005

With an all-new animation system and first touch control, the FIFA Soccer franchise continues to set the standard as the most comprehensive soccer simulation ever created. The new animation system ensures that every button press is directly mirrored on the field, accurately reflecting the speed and vision of the world’s greatest players. With a great first touch, gamers can trap and control the ball and use its momentum to knock it into space, flick it over a defender’s head, or show off and score glorious goals. Add in a deeper Dynasty Mode and EA SPORTS Online features and FIFA Soccer 2005 continues to deliver the ultimate soccer experience.

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OS – Windows 98/2000/Me/XP
Processor – Intel Pentium III 700MHz
Memory – 128MB RAM (Windows 2000/XP requires 256MB RAM)
Hard Drive – 800MB
Video Card – 32MB Direct3D***
Sound Card – DirectX 9.0b compatible
DirectX – Version 9.0b
Multiplayer – 1 set of game discs per player
Network – TCP/IP Compliant; 2-4 Players
Internet – 56.6Kbps; 2 Players
Single System Multiplayer – 2-4 Players on 1 PC
Input – Keyboard, Mouse or Gamepad

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