Attack On Pearl Harbor

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Attack On Pearl Harbor

Genre: WWII Flight Sim

Attackon Pearl Harbor is an action game where the player controls aircraftduring WWII. Despite the name the two campaigns (USA and Japan) withoverall 40 missions are not restricted to Pearl Harbor but take placeduring several battles between Japan and USA. However, historicalaccuracy plays no role.

The goals of the missions are varied innature, e.g. liberating an area or destroying a ground base, butbasically boil down to flying from point A to point B while avoidgetting killed. Because of strict time limits it is not advisable tokill every foe in sight. On the other hand the player gets rated afterevery mission and, depending on his performance, receives new oradditional aircraft which are basically used as extra lives.

Thecontrols are action oriented, the player controls his aircraft directlyand needs to use few other buttons. Ammo is unlimited but the weaponscan overheat when used rapidly.

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Windows 2000/XP/Vista
2 Ghz CPU
512 MB RAM
3D card with 64MB RAM

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